Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bison Stats

The men's football team at Gallaudet is in the Top 25 nationally in five different categories:

  • #5 in punt returns 
  •  10th in tackles for loss 
  •  12th in sacks 13th in rushing offense 
  •  24th on kickoff yardage defense
There are four Bison in the Top 25 nationally:

  • Running back Tony Tatum is fourth yards per punt return
  • Defensive lineman Adham Talaat is sixth in forced fumbles per game
  • Defensive lineman Jared Pearce is eighth in sacks per game ranks eighth, while his tackles for loss per game ranks 24th. 
  • Jaris Alleyne is 22nd in solo tackles per game 

 The Bison have averaged 369.1 yards of total offense per game and have scored 43 touchdowns and two field goals.

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