Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Apology for Slamming Deaf Player

The head of a mini cab company in the UK is apologizing for criticizing the sounds of a deaf soccer player. John Griffin sent a note to a newspaper saying Daniel Ailey grunts like a girl when he plays, making a reference to female tennis stars, such as Maria Sharapova. Ailey plays for Potters Bar and fans of an opposing team started making loud noises, mocking Airley. Police were called in. That's when Griffin, a big donor to the Tory Party, commented that police should have make Ailey stop grunting, not the fans. He wrote:
"Do I read it correctly that a deaf footballer makes a grunting sound to attract team mates attention. I long ago gave up watching women’s tennis due to the loud level of grunting. I note that the police were called and I hope they demanded that the footballer should discontinue making noises that could be misinterpreted by members of the crowd. Yours in amazement John Griffin."
Airley later wrote, "I regret any offence caused by my comments. This was certainly not my intention and I apologize."

John Griffin

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