Monday, July 2, 2012

Super Smutty Sign Language

An online protest has started over a proposed ASL book. Self-described ASL amateur Kristin Henson says her Super Smutty Sign Language will be published by St. Martin’s Press and contain the signs for phrases like "How much for a blow job?" The online petition against the book complains that Henson is not only disrespectful toward Deaf Culture and exploits sign language - but her signing skills are weak. You can find the online petition, started by Deaf rights activist Tavian Robinson, here. Henson, says she lives in Philadelphia but is originally from Salisbury, Maryland and "graduated from RIT in Rochester, NY in 2008" where she first learned about ASL. She says her goal isn't to belittle anyone, but to "bridge the gap between the hearing and deaf worlds."

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Rachel Yingst said...

Since she openly admitted that she's not an expert in ASL, she shouldn't call it 'sign language' in her videos,books, etc. It's more like dirty gestures to me.