Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Google Science Fair

This year's Google Science Fair 2nd place winner has invented a device for hearing music better. High Schooler It converts sound into tactile vibration to improve the music-listening experience. Jonah Kohn idea came from to him at school when he bit his guitar while showing off to a friend during a noisy class. When the 14-year-old from San Diego realized he could hear the music better with his teeth on the guitar, he got the idea of making use of tactile sound. His creation filters sound into frequency ranges applied to different body parts. It improves the listening experience of cochlear implants wearers by more than 95%. He told the judges, “I suddenly realized that there are lots of different means by which we understand things, and there is not just a single medium, it’s not just voice: but it’s what we see, what we hear and now possibly what we feel. I wanted to just stop everything and go back to school.” The Grand Prize winner was Brittany Wenger of Sarasota, Florida. She put together a computer program that can help doctors diagnose breast cancer less invasively. The winners were announced last night in Palo Alto, California near Google Headquarters.

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