Wednesday, December 28, 2011

the Closed Capp app

Graphic designer Ryan Flynn once worked on voice-recognition technologies at Motorola and now has created an Andriod app he says will create real-time closed captioning. Closed Capp doesn't transcribe phone calls, but will capture 5-10 seconds of speech and then processes it. Find out more about the Closed Capp app here or watch a video below about it on Please comment if you have used the app to let others know how it works for you.

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Anonymous said...

The ClosedCapp app works nicely when the phone is held close to your mouth, but is not effective for group conversations, like a meeting or presentation. It uses the Internet-based Google voice-to-text capability, so you need to allow your data to flow without Data Saver enabled. Nice value for the price if you need it.