Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Deaf Man Killed by OK Police

Oklahoma City Police shot and killed a deaf man holding a metal pipe last night. The officers told him to drop the pipe while witnesses say they yelled that the man was deaf. Here is a news conference about the shooting (no captions).

NewsOK has a written story here and interviewed some of the neighbors on the scene and you can see that video below.

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Julie Pigois said...

I think maybe a signal to Police instead of Hands Up, Deaf "Wavy Hands" signaled to Police officers as a sign that the person is Deaf. Also when a Deaf driver is pulled over first signal a turn off, then when pulled over put on the Hazard lights. Then when you have pulled over, turn them OFF.

If the Deaf Community and Police to encourage Clear signals to a Police officer that the person you are encountering is Deaf, many tragedies could be avoided. And encourage the Police to establish clear protocol what to do when they encounter someone indicating they are Deaf.