Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Fierce Debate Over Sign Language

Last month, we told you about a controversial new study that said using sign language when a child has a cochlear implant holds back the child's language development. Education Week has a report on some of responses here.


Melow Meldrew said...

This is old news, albeit accepted as accurate. Sign use IS an active deterrent to speech it always was, it was designed for those that COULD NOT or assumed could not speak, not those who want an alternative to it. Audism etc are all invented means whereby Deaf activism wants to prevent deaf people speaking by suggesting speech is oppression. CI users can and do still sign, but, use speech too, why not ?

Flavia Fleischer said...

Have you ever considered why many who are exposed to and use signed language on a daily basis prefer to use this over speech? Suppressing this by saying signed language is a "deterrent" is a very good example of oppression from where I stand. Speaking is not the issue- it is the resistance against signed language and different ways of being.