Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Lawsuit: Hotel sued over Accomodations

A Southern California Travelodge is being sued by a New York woman who says she was not provided appropriate accomodations. Naomi Sheneman is deaf and says the hotel wanted to charge her for service dog before she was given a room and Sheneman's lawsuit says that's illegal. Her attorneys, Eisenberg & Baum of New York, released this statement:
It is disturbing in 2016 that people could actually be refused access to hotels on basis of their deafness. Our client has brought this lawsuit not only to redress the discrimination that already occurred, but to ensure that any other Deaf individuals that seek access to hotels with service animals will not be discriminated against. There is no excuse that Travelodge cannot be accessible to Deaf individuals with service animals. Their lack of awareness for the need to properly accommodate the Deaf community cannot continue.
Traveloge has not yet responded to the suit.