Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Tensions between the Deaf community and Starkey

A Deaf advocacy group objects to how the Starkey Hearing Foundation operates. The California Association for the Deaf is calling on Starkey to stop exploiting the people who are receiving hearing aids from the group and slogans like “hearing brings joy.”The CAD president told Minnesota's Star Tribune “Their marketing approach is really hurting us. They are pushing the concept that we are OK only if we can hear, that hearing equals joy. Hollywood loves that, but it is just not true.” Starkey won't talk about the controversy. Read the full Star Tribune here.

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Anonymous said...

As a Deaf/Hard of Hearing person I can unequivocally say that hearing is joy. Without my hearing aids in live in the Deaf world and that's fine too. But to hear music or the voices of your loved ones is pure joy. Given a choice, I think most people who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing who benefit from a hearing aid prefer sound. Those who use ASL and can hear prefer to use ASL when in the Deaf community, but to say that hearing brings no joy is the highest form of self importance and arrogance that runs deep in the Deaf community. We are rife with arrogance.

Let those who benefit from this foundation make their own decisions and I am betting that most if not all who receive hearing aids will feel great joy at hearing the birds the water of a small brook or the sound of there parents. ASL is very important, but make no mistake that sound is a very beautiful thing and only those who are profoundly deaf would object on the basis of their self important world view. People should make every effort to help people hear. The day that deafness is eradicated from humanity will be one of celebration.