Monday, November 11, 2013

Edison & the Telegraph

Thomas Edison wrote that his partial deafness - and technology - helped him gain the affections of his eventual second wife, Mina, whom he married in 1886. The prolific inventor wrote:
“In the first place (my hearing loss) excused me for getting quite a little nearer to her than I would have dared to if I hadn’t had to be quite close in order to hear what she said. My later courship was carried on by telegraph. I taught the lady of my heart the Morse code, and when she could both send and reicve we got along much bet than we could have with spoken words by tapping out our remarks to one atooher on our hands. Presently I asked her tus, in Morse, code, if she would marry me. The word ‘Yes’ is an easy one to send by telegraphic signals, and she sent it. If she had been obliged to speak it, she might have fought it harder.”

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