Monday, May 6, 2013

Gally Prez to be Honored

Fresno State will recognize Gallaudet president Alan Hurwitz this Friday (May 10) at its California campus. The ceremony will take place at the College of Health and Human Services Honors Convocation. Hurwitz told the Fresno Bee,
"My family members, some from California, New York and the East Coast, will also be joining me at the event. I look forward to celebrating the honor with close friends and colleagues and people that I have so much respect for. To me, what it really means is that I have been recognized for my work, my work at Gallaudet University as well as in the deaf and hard-of-hearing community across the United States. I've been to Fresno three times. I've talked to the faculty and the students there, as well as the deaf community in Fresno. I've developed a very good relationship with my colleagues in Fresno. I've been more focused on making sure young deaf people have opportunities to get a good education and be well-prepared for professional life and become more engaged in leadership activities."
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