Friday, August 31, 2012

KY Woman Attacked by Pit Bull

A deaf woman is in the hospital after a dog attack. On you can watch a video report from WDRB-TV or read the story here. WDRB 41 Louisville - News, Weather, Sports Community

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The Friendly Pit Bull said...

I usually go around to these types of posts and comment about how either its not a pit bull, or it was abused or not raised right, or how the dog was provoked into attacking, but unfortunately, that's not the case here. At the very least that's an APBT mix, but it doesn't look like it, the dog doesn't look abused or starved, and I very highly doubt the woman did anything at all to provoke the dog.
About all I can say is, not all pit bull type dogs are like this. Despite what you see on the media, most of them are good dogs. We'll probably never know what made this dog snap.