Monday, March 5, 2012

Protest at Hearing Loss Conference

A group called Audism Free America held a march near the St. Louis City Hall yesterday afternoon. The 8 block trek ended at the Union Station Marriott Hotel, where some 1000 people gathered for the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Meeting. About 50 people showed up show support for sign language and to call for less emphasis on detecting early hearing loss and fixes like cochlear implants.


Anonymous said...

As a hearing parent who is trying to do what's best for my child, I'm somewhat baffled by groups like this. Early detection is so important for parents to make informed decisions about our children's future.

Josh said...

The controversy isn't focused on whether ECHD should be done or not but rather on the skewed information that parents receive AFTER getting their child's hearing results. Parents are informed of what choices they have and the ASL option would be lucky to make it onto that list. Furthermore, doctors often present the cochlear implant option in a better light than others when all sides should be presented without bias. I agree that ECHD is important but making sure all sides are presented without bias is very important as well.