Thursday, November 18, 2010

ASL Credit

Seton Hall may soon offer students the opportunity to take American Sign Language classes for credit as a second language. Right now, ASL classes count only as an elective or in certain majors in the College of Arts & Sciences. The Student Government Association at the New Jersey campus is promoting the idea but no decisions have been made by the administration. However, the interim Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, Joan Guetti, has suggested that ASL shouldn't count as a second language, any more than than mathematics should count as one.

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~F~ said...

WOW! That is harsh to a group of people who cannot speak English, thus need a communication. Sign language communicates to the deaf, autistic, challenged communities, just like spanish communiactes withthe spanish speaking world. For this reason, my child will not apply to Seton Hall. Thank you for making me aware of such narrowmindedness, in a Catholic college no less.