Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Causes of Hearing-Loss

A CNN report on hearing-loss (no captioning).

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It is a tragedy when someone begins to lose one of their senses. The ability of stem cells to treat mediate hearing loss has generated huge interest! Already within 36 hours of posting the article above on my blog, I helped 5 people with hearing disorders find the right stem cell treatment for their particular condition. Hearing loss from external environmental factors, natural degeneration, autoimmune disease/MS, etc.

I am in close contact with the only stem cell patient advocacy institute in the world and they are willing to help hearing impaired patients find treatments at no cost. The first step for you to find the best treatment center in the world for treating your particular hearing disorder is to fill out the treatment request form at the Repair Stem Cell Institute website:

Your medical info will be sent to the top 5 treatment centers in the world and they will contact you shortly with information, costs, etc. if they treat your condition.
There is no cost for treatment request and info.

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