Monday, January 26, 2009

Face-to-Face Communications Helper

The UbiDuo is a small computer with two displays and two keyboards that enable hearing and deaf people to communicate by typing back and forth without a translator. The stand-alone communication device works like an instant messaging system between two people who are face-to-face. But internet connection is necessary. The wireless device is battery operated, allowing for more mobility. Its small size makes the UbiDuo portable.

The product is from the combined efforts of a father and son team, David and Jason Curry. Jason (the son is deaf. Their company is called sComm which stands for simultaneous communications. Ubi is short for ubiquitous, meaning everywhere or being present everywhere. A reference to the mobility of the device.


Suwannee Joe said...
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Suwannee Joe said...

Basically, this is just a $2,000 pair of keyboard/black-and-white-screens that people type at each other face-to-face? This company got a federal grant to develop these and have sold a thousand of them nationwide? I would think we could buy two $350 net books and connect them to each other wirelessly with an instant messaging or other simple program and perhaps do better than this device. Granted, these interlock for easy mobility. What am I missing?

I’m sorry to seem negative, but as a technologist, this device appears to be a rip-off. What am I missing? Is there a vocoder or speech translator involved? Is this truly just typing at each other? Please educate me.