Monday, December 7, 2015

Dimarco Wins Top Model!

Nyle Dimarco
(image from ANTM video)
Nyle Dimarco The last America's Next Top Model contest was one by the first deaf contestant on the show. Nyle Dimarco told People magazine, "Being a deaf person on a television show alone is pretty groundbreaking, so it felt incredible just to be on the show – but to win it was amazing!" Read more of that interview here. Top Model introduced him with this video. You might have seen Dimarco on ABC's Switched at Birth where he plays Garrett Bandgucci.

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Mrs. VandeVelde said...

THANK YOU Nyle for inspiring Deaf/HH young people. All my students are talking about you and thrilled that you are #1 !!!!!!!!
Yeahhhhh Nyle!!!!